Almost 1 Billion Android Device are on Risk.

Updated: Mar 12

Almost one billion android device are on risk running that are still running on old android version as android are left with some potentially exposed to cyber-attacks as google is no longer supporting those android platforms.

According to the report about 40% of android device are running on old android versions for which google has stopped supports or rolling out any king of updates. According to report android kitkat version and older version before kitkat is considered as most vulnerable iterations for android devices. While android versions like android 9,android 8 and most recent version android 10 are receiving updates. This means that android device running with android version 7 or older are on risk.

Google android distribution data as of may 2019 points out that about 42% of android users are still using old version or running old version like android 6 or older versions.That include Android versions Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, and Honeycomb.

The Data shows almost one billion devices are running on old platform which does not receive any king of security updates and other updates for support. Google also stopped releasing security updates and patches for those android devices running below android version 7.0 batter known as Nougat.

So the question is how you can protect you data on your phone

-Use phone with latest updated android OS.

-If you have old phone you may change the phone with new one as to day in every budget we get the latest version of android OS.

Benefits of using latest version of android are:-

-Batter security for you data

-Regular security patches and updates from google which is not more then 200mb in most of case other then any big issues

-Use pure android OS

recently google also announced newest version of android android 11 to know more click here.