Android R

Updated: Mar 1

Google has recently announced newest version of android operating system named Android R,which bring some of the best improvements in many area's like permissions, privacy and security as well as there are tone of features.

Some on the best features for consumers are :-

Mute notifications during recording

Improved touch sensitivity

Native screen recording

Scrolling screenshots

Back gesture tweaking

Improved support for curved displays

Airplane mode won’t turn off Bluetooth

Share menu App pinning

Improved notification shade conversations

Chat bubbles

Dark mode scheduling

One time permissions

Scoped storage

Better handling of older notifications

Project mainline enhancements

Reverse charging

Motion controls for certain phones

Google also bring improvements for developer as well such as

Behavior changes

Privacy features

New features and API

Behavior changes

JobSchedular API

One time permission

background location access

Storage UI

and many more

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Privacy features

background location access

Scoped storage enforcement

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Features and API

data accessing auditing

Performant graphics debug layer injection

Batch operations for media files

Rich media in quick replies

Access to media files using raw file paths

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