Apple M1X Shows Huge Number in Benchmark

Apple has created history for the first SoC developed by Apple in-house, has this processor get huge success and literally killing all the processor so far whether it's developed by AMD or Intel. The Apple M1 Processor is so fast in fact M1 chip has beat Intel i9 Processor which is used in MacBook Pro 16 Inch in many ways from content creators to developers.

Now let's talk about 2nd generation of M1 Chip has from the leaked benchmark on CPU-monkey, there gonna be a huge jump from 8 core CPU/GPU to 12 core CPU and 16 core GPU from these numbers one can imagine the performance of the upcoming M1X SoC.

As per the leaked information here we got 12 core CPU and 16 core GPU with the frequency of 3.20 GHz for both CPU and GPU, which may get announced with new models of Apple MacBook Pro 14 Inch, MacBook Pro 16 inch and iMac 27 Inch in WWDC or September event.

For more information on benchmark click here.

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