Apple Macbook Pro 13-inch

Apple has officially upgraded there MacBook Pro 13-inch lineup with a new magic keyboard and new specification. People are waiting for the new MacBook Pro 14-inch model but apple continued with the 13-inch model by upgrading the internal's.

New MacBook Pro 13-inch based model has double the storage with 256GB of SSD with old 8th Gen CPU which is upgradeable up to 10th Gen intel core i7 along with 32GB of RAM and 4TB of SSD.

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch model is just suited best for the people who want performance in small form factor, it is best compared to MacBook Air in terms of performance.

What's New

  • Apple has finally upgraded all MacBook Family products with a new traditional scissor mechanism keyboard called Magic Keyboard with 1 mm of key travel, by lowering key travel typing experience and satisfaction level of customers get improved a lot.

  • Based Model gets double storage of 256Gb instead of 128GB but with the older generation of intel CPU (8th Generation).

  • MacBook Pro gets slightly thicker compared to the old one due to the new keyboard.

  • the based model will have 1.4 quad-core intel i5 8th generation processor with 8 GB of Ram and intel Irish plus 645 graphics.

  • the based model will have two thunderbolt port while other will have four.

  • It has a dedicated escape key and power key with a Touch ID integrated separately.


The based model starts with $1299, intermmident model starts with $1499 + Tax and last model start with $1799 + Tax.