Can we install an oxygen OS of one plus in other Android mobiles like LG Samsung etc?

Well, you cannot directly install anyone operating system on any other smartphone but although if you want to experience the oxygen os then definitely you can by flashing custom ROM on your android phone.

Let's first understand what is ROM?

ROM refers to an android firmware based on google android platform as the android os is an open-source developer can edit code recompile it as publishing there own customized type of version that was basically know as ROM for variety of smartphones.where users can flash the ROM and experience the different look, feel and behavior of the device.

You can refer to Xda developers official website where you will get all stuff related regarding installing or flashing ROM as well as a vast variety of ROM with different types of interfaces.

If you are using Samsung smartphone or smartphone running on pure android then you will have a variety of choices for experiencing different types of ROM.

for more information visit Xda Developer Forum.