Do you know why the Apple ecosystem is much more secure compare to others?

Apple ecosystem is considered as one of the most secured ecosystems of time as apple believes everyone's data must be protected. Apple provides one of the best in class security and privacy to the user's data not even a single data of the user get easily exposed. Apple manufactured the tone of gadgets like Macbook's, iMac's, iWatch, iPhone, etc.

Apple first brings its own apps store which needs apple id in order to download any apps or games which were only available for Apple products. Later on, Apple brings improvements in the software as well as in hardware to as years pass apple continuously adding new features for apple products like iCloud, keychain, and many more.

From iOS 7 biggest change in their iPhone line up as to protect the user data apple introduce required id and password which was used to set up the iPhone for identifying authenticate user of the device, which maintain the ownership on products as well as protect the data and product to be used by the wrong person.

Between iOS 7 to iOS13 Apple has made some serious changes as on every apple product user must require the apple id which was used at the time of setting up the device if you won't have then you want to be apple to use that device. Not only that but also the apps that you are using on IOS or macOS are get verified by the apple as per the apple policy. Not even a single developer able to develop an app without using macOS for the app's security and privacy purpose.

Apple built a consistent ecosystem that runs on apple's own protocols os and hardware to which is the main reason for data privacy as well as security. Apple has built its own OS aka Operating System for there products like Macbook, iPhone, iPad, iWatch rather than using someones opensource operating system as apple believe in user data privacy and security from the beginning.