Facebook Messenger New Update with Great Feature.

Facebook Messenger has been updated with the ability to require authentication before allowing the app to open on your iPhone. The feature works with Touch ID and Face ID.

Application log and privacy settings App Lock lets you add another layer of security to your private messages and help protect others from their access. This optional feature gives you the confidence to know that if a friend or a family member needs to borrow your phone, they won't be able to access your chats.

App Lock uses your device's privacy settings, such as fingerprint or face authentication, to unlock the Messenger app, and your Touch or Face ID is not transmitted or stored by Facebook. This feature is available on iPhone and iPad today and will come on Android in the coming months.

You can find this feature in the new Privacy Settings section. The Privacy section makes it easy to access settings and features like your stories, muted stories, and audiences for blocked people. The Applications and Privacy section let you tailor your experience and choose the settings that work best for you. We are always working to give you more control over your privacy, so we will introduce more privacy features, you will have this centralized location to find them.