Facebook Operating System

Updated: Jan 3

The biggest platform of social medis Facebook is developing its own operating system, so one day the company cannot rely on the android operating system, According to the report given by theinformation.

Currently, Mark Lucovsky leading the development of facebook operating, he was an employee of Microsoft.

The Report elaborates limited information about the usage of the Facebook new operating system, but it is noted that the facebook hardware Oculus and portal devices are running on a custom android operating system customized by facebook. The head of Facebook AR and VR Ficus Kirkpatric in the future it is possible that facebook hardware won't need to rely on the software provided by Google, which means it can be possible that google control over facebook hardware can be reduced or remove entirely.

According to the head of facebook hardware Andrew Bosworth, they think that they don't want to trust marketplace or competitor to ensure that's the case. The report says that Facebook is going to follow a similar approach like Apple to go with there own hardware and software in the future.

the report from Bloomberg and the financial time stated that facebook is working on its own custom chip hardware parallel with the voice assistant from that its confirmed Facebook is working on this project earlier this year.