Google Bring New Innovation in Pixel 5

Google always has been amazing when the question arises to innovation, before few years google had brought innovation in-camera for portraits shots, In fact, Google has done a really good job by just using a single camera lens.

Google was the only company which brings first time ever portraits shots using a single camera and power of software(Artificial intelligence for objects detection as well as perform other essential things for making the shot more clear as well as crispy), at that time every company is in the race of providing multiple camera lenses for portraits, as well as a zooming capability which does not, has as much as good result as compared to Google Pixel. That was the first time when google gave a world that has the power of good Software engineers as well as a team to make anything happened based on software instead of using any extra hardware module.

Image Credit: Google

Now Google also gives proof, they also have the power to deliver good hardware to the consumer by making the product more durable as well as robust. For the first time, ever Google introduced Google Pixel 5 has an aluminum enclosure body which makes the product more durable as well as robust along with wireless charging capability.

According to David ImeI, Google has used Bio-resin on top of the aluminum of the Pixel 5's body to achieve wireless charging. Basically, there is a physical cutout in the aluminum where the coil lives, and this plastic bio-resin sits on top.

For more information on Google Pixel 5 click here.

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