Why Google use SoC 730G in Pixel 4a?

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Recently Google has just announced and released there mid-range smartphone Google Pixel 4a starting at $349 with grate power inside. Google is known for its power of Android OS and the power of building software and apps loaded with a lot of features inside. Google has a huge power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which can deliver excellent performance with minimum power.

Due to Google use SoC 730G in Google Pixel 4a people start questioning, Why Gooogle provides lowered SoC chipset inside Pixel 4a?

Well, it's because everyone knows pixel run just buttery smooth software experience on the low hardware configuration. People are using the Google Pixel series just to get a pure, smooth, and fast Android experience. While comparing Google Pixel 4a with there premium flagship model we can observe only some features are missing and the rest of them are the same as Pixel 4 and 4XL.

Due to lowered spec, people start comparing Pixel 4a with OnePlus Nord, well that's nothing wrong in that we have many options in the segment so we can compare it and everyone knows OnePlus is much faster and smoother compare to Pixel 4a due to higher configuration and 90Hz display which is the main attraction to the phone. Google released Pixel 4a with SoC 730G because in the upcoming month Google is going to release the official version of Android 11 with new Google Pixel 5 somewhere in the month of October if Google provides a higher configuration then most of the people won't buy Pixel 5.

Most people do not prefer to change their smartphone to within a year, and if they are using pure android phones then they will definitely not gonna change their smartphone as everyone knows performance of Pixel in terms of software experience. If people get the same software experience they why they will change their phone for the sake of 2-3 features extra which is nominal for the normal person as they are not using those features a lot. If Google has provided a higher configuration in Pixel 4a then it will directly impact the sale of Google Pixel 5. So as per my observation, Google has done this to increase the selling of Pixel 5 as people will prefer to wait in order to get a higher configuration with the latest version of android. And also they have fulfilled the demands for mid-range users to get the same experience as there premium flagship phone in a small segment, so that mid-range smartphone users can get the experience of Google Pixel which also increase the sales of Google Pixel 4a in the mid-range segment.

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