Jio New Online Store answer to Flipkart, Walmart, and Amazon

before going further let's understand - whats is Jio Mart?

Jio-Mart is an online grocery platform which connects local retailers with the customer's to sell their products online, Jio Mart does not have any storage house to store the products it will act as a connecting link between retailers and customers, where local retailers will able to list their items on Jio Mart portal and sell those products to the customers.

Jio Mart will manage all the required services like payment, logistics, etc. Jio Mart has a fixed target to sell over 50K grocery products and will offer a special bonus like:-

  • No delivery charge on minimum order

  • No questionaries on returning grocery

  • Express delivery

Mukesh Ambani goes live with its most inspiring project Kirana led retails - Jio mart which is an online platform provided by the Jio ecosystem to sell their products online. Mukesh Ambani combined the Kirana local mart with Jio a and named the project as Jio Mark, the main aim of Jio mart is to utilize the huge network of Jio ecosystem for selling local grocery item's, the retailer can sell their products on Jio Mart, in sort, it will be connected with local grocery store so that network will maintain the customer relationship with retailers as well as Jio mart by providing continuous services in shorter period of time.

Currently, the project is in action to some of the local places like Navi Mumbai, thane and Kalyan. Report says Jio Mark will soon expand there network with other parts of the country, the main milestone of the Jio mart is to connect the service with over 3 CR retailers and 20 CR Customers.