MacBook Pro 13 inch with M1 should you buy or wait for the next generation ?

Apple has officially announced their new mac's lineup with their own custom SoC build specifically for mac's which take the entire MacBook experience to the next level. Hence it is an arm-based SoC there are a lot of advantages for instance batter battery life, faster performance, instant wake-up, and also the neural engine. This MacBook is powerful enough to compete with apple's most powerful 16-inch MacBook Pro in many ways like 8K video rendering, Xcode development, and many more.

In the entire transformation, what's an amazing thing after M1 SoC? is the Rosetta 2 the translation layer which translating intel-based apps to be run on arm-based MacBook, although there is some delay while using the unoptimized app on Macbook Pro with M1.

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Now the question is would you buy MacBook Pro 13 inch with M1?

Well, as per my suggestion you must go with Macbook Pro with Apple Silicon as Apple is making the transition of their entire Mac line-up to their own in-house built processor within 2 years. So instead of buying the Intel version you must go with M1, and question about it was the first processor by Apple then you are the wrong apple is making the SoC for more than decades for the iPhone's and iPad's the difference is that they are just customizing the SoC for MacBook which is a pretty amazing thing in fact this transaction also taking place somewhere in background for decades to overcome the limitations that were observed using Intel processor. I recommend this MacBook as it was the fastest MacBook ever with such great benefits and also benchmarks are beating every other MacBook which is insensed.

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