Most Expensive iPhone Ever $121,180.

The company named caviar designed the most expensive and limited edition of the iPhone 11 named Solarious zenith. The company has a completely redesigned rear view of iPhone and covered with gold and diamond with an inbuilt analog clock, this fully customized version of the iPhone will cost you $121,180.

The Caviar says that the customized version of the iPhone 11 Pro is the masterpiece of indisputable superiority and the closest position to an ideal. This iPhone can behold in the hand of the worthy one.

Youtube content creator and gadget reviewer Marques Brownlee better known as MKBHD was given the opportunity to unbox the product and share his first review.

you can watch the video on the official channel of Marques Brownlee where he gives the first impression for such an expensive limited model of iPhone 11 Pro Solarious Zenith which is customized by caviar.