New Apple Watch Series 5 in (PRODUCT) RED Spotted

As everyone knows apple release their product in RED color from the past few years know as PRODUCT RED whether its an iPhone or watch or iPod, which help to provide fund in AIDS walfare program. All the money that is collected by selling goes to the AIDS welfare fund on the ground of sub-Saharan Africa. From last 13 years, Apple has collected over $220 million dollars for the funding of HIV and AIDS programs.

New Apple watch series 5 was get highlighted in red color in an #Apple database before it's get disappeared, it conveys the smartwatch may be unveiled soon with a new color.

Apple may be planning to extend their apple watch series 5 lineup with a new Apple Watch in PRODUCT RED. This reference of Apple Watch Series 5 in PRODUCT RED color was spotted by French website watchgeneration in Apple Database before it gets disappeared, it is believed that apple watch series 5 with the aluminum case may be unveiled with a new red color better know as PRODUCT RED. The color may be similar to PRODUCT RED like Apple iPod Touch in RED color and will start selling as the same as other models. The website also suggests that Apple will unveil those new products along with the new iPad Pro and new iPhone SE in March 2020.

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