OnePlus Nord, is it really a mid-range smartphone?

OnePlus has now officially unveiled there budget mid-range smartphone with the price of Rs. 25000 of starting model with 6gb of ram and 64GB of storage. There are three models 8GB ram with 64GB storage, 8GB of ram with 128 GG of storage, and 12GB of ram and 256GB of storage.

The Configurations are Snapdradragon 765G processor, 8MP ultrawide 48MP main camera 2MP Macron, and 5MP depth sensor which is adopted from their flagship smartphone OnePlus 8. OnePlus as created best in class mid-range budget smartphone.

Infect if we talked about performance OnePlus Nord is just a champ in the segment compared to many other smartphones in the mid-range lineup, apps and games feel so smooth and fast on the 90Hz fluid AMOLED display. You will feel much more different compared to other smartphones with 60Hz. You can play almost any games except those higher games which required higer configuration and performance we can say for instance we can say you cannot play 3D games like Fortnite on higher configuration but, you can carry on with the medium configuration.

Let's walked through with the camera which is the main highlight on the phone, the camera on this smartphone is carried out from there premium flagship smartphone OnePlus 8, which can take crispy photos with a lot of details. There are many camera modes you will get on the device like ultra-wide for selfie and for wide shots and also a pro mode which is actually and professional mode which gives users full freedom to adjust camera color, contrast, and all other stuff as per their taste.

The battery is one of the most important aspects of smartphones which decides user screen time or we can say which actually describes user's engagement with the device, in this smartphone OnePlus has put 4115mAh battery which is like normal nowadays which stands for around a day with mild usage of the phone, as the phone supports fast charging its okay with battery.

Overall I think this is the best smartphones at this price point compared to other smartphones. There are many things that make it unique like clean software, beautiful design. I recommend this phone for the users if they are going to buy a smartphone at this price range then I think its simply amazing. It is not a mid-range phone it is a premium package phone in the mid-range segment.

OnePlus Nord available varients

6GB ram + 64GB Storage with price Rs. 24999/- shipped later in September

8GB ram + 128GB Storage with price Rs. 27999/-

12Gb ram + 256GB Storage with price Rs. 29999/-

for more information click here.

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