PUBG Estimated Revenue in 2019

Updated: Mar 1

Global revenue exceeds $ 1.5 billion by China's Internet powerhouse Tencent's #PUBG Mobile and its new version, Game for Peace. Tencent-developed Games has earned 88 percent of its lifetime spending so far this year, $1.3 billion or more. This is most likely thanks to the re-introduction of the game for Peace in China this past autumn, where it collected $614 million at the country's To-Store, analytics company Sensor Tower recently revealed.

PUBG Mobile has accelerated nearly 555 million user downloads worldwide (one Apple ID or one install per Google account). For this, India goes ahead by selecting more than 116 million or 21 percent of all downloads. China came in second with 108 million downloads from the App Store alone, or 19 percent and the US. It was third with 42 million installs, or about 8 percent.Google Play was the main driver of downloads, generating 334 million installs, or about 60 percent. The App Store, meanwhile, accumulates 220 million downloads, or 40 percent of the rest.

One of its main rivals, Epic Games's Fortnite, has only grossed $ 838 million to date from its Store Store, while Knives from NetEase has generated nearly $915 million in lifetime revenue for iOS and Google Play. Recent earning another 95 million since its global release in early October.