Raspberry Pi Announces High-Quality Camera

Raspberry Pi has announced a new 'High-Quality Camera ' product with a 12.3 MP sensor and support for interchangeable lenses.

We are pleased to announce our newest member of the Raspberry Pi Camera family: The Camera with 12.3 MP High ResHigh-Resolutionolution camera, the camera will available from today it self starting at just $50.

This High-Resolution Camera is specifically designed to accept CS-mouth lenses with supplied adapter c-mount lenses. The CGL 6mm and 16mm with C-mouth lenses are available at $25 and $50.


  • 12 MP Sony IMX477 sensor

  • 1.55μm × 1.55μm pixel size which double the pixel area of IMX219

  • Back-illuminated sensors architecture in order to improve sensitivity

  • support for CS-mount lenses

  • integrated back-focus adjustment ring and tripod mount holder

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