Raspberry Pi Pico With Custom RP2040 Processor Launched

Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller has been launched and it is powered by Raspberry Pi Foundation's own RP2040 processor. The Raspberry Pi Pico is a standalone board that can be used as a companion to a Raspberry Pi computer. It can in addition to being used to manage code or make projects by having it interact along in the middle of late accretion devices. The Raspberry Pi Pico is programmable via C and MicroPython and comes together amid three inputs. You plus acquire programmable I/O and multifunctional GPIO pins. It is quite reasonable as adeptly.

Raspberry Pi Pico Price: - Rs.295.00/- Only.

Image Credit : raspberrypi.org

Raspberry Pi Pico Specifications

The Pico from Raspberry Pi is in fact an M.2 SSD sized PCB that has a USB harbor apropos one side. It is built regarding the RP2040 processor intended by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It has two ARM Cortex-M0+ cores clocked at 133MHz, 264KB of RAM, 2MB flash memory, and a DMA controller. While the RP2040 processor is an expert of more, the Raspberry Pi Pico has a USB 1.1 harbor for connectivity. You profit programmable I/O, 26 multifunctional general-plan input/ output (GPIO) pins, and three analog inputs. It can be powered by two or three AA batteries in series or a single lithium-ion cell.

There is a shove button in play-warfare to the Raspberry Pi Pico that allows you to enter USB layer storage mode. It is programmable via C and MicroPython, which you can get sticking to by connecting it to your PC via the Micro-USB.

Raspberry Pi Pico Pin Diagram

Image Credit : raspberrypi.org

For more information on Raspberry Pi Pico click here.

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