Meet Samsung New First Human-Robot just like SCI-FI Movies.

Samsung mentions that they are going to show up there new Artificial Intelligence human at CES 2020. The Artificial intelligence Humanoid named as #NEON, it was developed by Samsung Technologies and Advanced research Lab in the skunkworks division which is led by most famously known Dr. Pranav Mistry inventor of six sense technology which also a feature designer of Samsung mobile like air gesture, attention features, Samsung galaxy gear, etc.

On December 21st, 2019, the question was asked, "Have you ever met an ARTIFICIAL " in various languages by representing both sides of men and women.

On December 26th, 2019 finally, they announced that NEON is an ARTIFICIAL INTILLENGENCE HUMAN, they tweeted on tweeter. Many people believe that NEON is just a second generation of voice assistant created by Samsung know as #Bixby, but that's not a case.

The tweet looks like "Honored to have a description on NEON before we unveil on #CES2020. But it's an opposite to some news, #NEON is not about #Bixby or anything that you have seen before. #NEON is Comming to #CES2020, so stay tuned!".

There is an official website for project NEON you can visit at, as well as a social media page like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The website of NEON feature a counter timer for unveiling NEON for 7 days are going on.

Whatever we have seen so far in SCI-FI movies are just started to explored and build, the Indian born scientist @pranavmistry is going to bring life to mankind for making human life more simple the ever.

Is Will artificial intelligence being your best friend? stay tuned for more information until #CES2020.