Why Facebook gets fined $1.6 million by Brazil?

Brazile ministry of public security and justice has imposed a fine around $1.6 million on Facebook for sharing data of Brazillian users around 443K in relation to the Cambridge analytics case.

According to the government, there was evidence found regarding the abusive practice with the data of users. Approximately 443k data of the Brazillian users are misuses by the developer of the thisisyourdigitallife for the prior questionable purpose conducted by DPDC(Department of Consumer Protection), which totally depends on the ministry, a statement released on Monday.

After the reporter reported on April 2018 that Brazilian user has become a victim of misuse of data by the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.

The data analysis company get collaborated with the team of United States President Donald Trump during the election campaign of 2k16, it is said that the data is used to designed to predict the decision of voters and extra influence.

At that time DPDC paying close attention to the statement given bt the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg before the US Congress, which justify the opening which justified the opening of a process against the company as well as an investigation into the claimed leaked that affected Brazilian user's data. According to Facebook .Inc nearby 87 million users data get exposed, and from that, some user's are from brazil around 443k, and it's already notified and mention about what happened.